Paraments for the Sanctuary

Does the sanctuary in your parish church look like a throwback to the '70's - as if someone's great-grandma decorated it?

That altar, tabernacle, credence table, and ambo can be given a classic Catholic look with a minimum of expense.

This blog highlights some of the antependia and tabernacle veils I have created, and may give you some ideas for restoring the Catholicity of your own parish's sanctuary.

I'm available to help you create your sanctuary paraments!

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Altar Linens

I make altar linens from 100% linen, not a blend. The linen fabric I purchase costs about $15 per yard (I buy it from 

Purificators are approximately 12" x 17", and cost $8 each. 

Corporals are 18" x 18", and cost $10 each.  

If you desire a different size, just let me know, and I can accommodate you.

Linens to cover the altar are also available. Traditionally, the altar is covered by 2 cloths that are the same size as the mensa (top of the altar), and one long cloth that extends from the floor on one side of the altar, up and over the mensa, and then down to the floor on the other side (lengthwise). 

The credence table is also ideally covered with linen cloth extending to the floor on all sides. 

The cost depends on the dimensions of the altar (or credence table): 
  • The set of three linens for an altar that is 6 to 7 feet long and over 28" in width, will cost approximately $300.  
  • For a 6-7-foot long altar that is less than 29" wide, the cost would be about $300.
Contact me with actual dimension of your altar or credence table for a more exact quote on the cost of the project.

If it looks like a mountain of white...well, it is!


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