Paraments for the Sanctuary

Does the sanctuary in your parish church look like a throwback to the '70's - as if someone's great-grandma decorated it?

That altar, tabernacle, credence table, and ambo can be given a classic Catholic look with a minimum of expense.

This blog highlights some of the antependia and tabernacle veils I have created, and may give you some ideas for restoring the Catholicity of your own parish's sanctuary.

I'm available to help you create your sanctuary paraments!

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Storage and Cleaning

Storing the Antependia and Veils:


Be very careful when using a hot iron to press out the creases in the antependium and tabernacle fabric! It is polyester, and will melt/scorch very easily.

I recommend placing another fabric on top of it to press it. I used a piece of a bed sheet.

The fabric will probably need to be pressed when it is removed from the package, but if you hang it as described below, it will only need minimal pressing afterwards.

To store the antependia with a minimum of wrinkling and creasing, fold them loosely to fit the width of a clip-on hanger; the tabernacle veils can be hung on a regular coat hanger. If extra protection is desired, you can store them in a garment bag:


Frankly, cleaning of the antependia is not recommended at all. The fabric is “dry clean only”, but the trim might not survive dry cleaning. In my experience, the antependia will not easily become soiled; I have used the same antependia for years without cleaning them, and they are in fine shape.

The tabernacle veils could possibly be dry cleaned, but I have never tried it.

The linen cloths are pre-washed and pre-dried, so they are pre-shrunk. Launder as normal. To press them, it’s advisable to have on hand a spray bottle of water, as dampening the linen will make it press out much more easily.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Jay Boyd

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