Paraments for the Sanctuary

Does the sanctuary in your parish church look like a throwback to the '70's - as if someone's great-grandma decorated it?

That altar, tabernacle, credence table, and ambo can be given a classic Catholic look with a minimum of expense.

This blog highlights some of the antependia and tabernacle veils I have created, and may give you some ideas for restoring the Catholicity of your own parish's sanctuary.

I'm available to help you create your sanctuary paraments!

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Attaching the Antependium

The mounting cover should be in place. If linens have already been placed on altar, simply fold them back to give yourself room to work.

Start at the center and work to the edges. Secure the antependium to the mounting cover with a couple of pins to hold it in place; then check to see how you need to adjust for height.

The antependium will overlap the top of the altar by 3-4”, and it will wrap around the corners by 10-12 inches:

Add more pins as needed, once you have the height adjusted. Then make the corners as smooth as possible by folding the excess fabric. There are a couple of ways if can be folded; the important thing is to make it as flat as possible.

Place the linens over the attached antependium.

I usually leave the white antependium on the altar, and place the other colors over it as necessary. This is actually a good way to “store” the white antependium. Usually I do not put more than one antependium over the white one at a time, though it is possible to do so if necessary.

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