Paraments for the Sanctuary

Does the sanctuary in your parish church look like a throwback to the '70's - as if someone's great-grandma decorated it?

That altar, tabernacle, credence table, and ambo can be given a classic Catholic look with a minimum of expense.

This blog highlights some of the antependia and tabernacle veils I have created, and may give you some ideas for restoring the Catholicity of your own parish's sanctuary.

I'm available to help you create your sanctuary paraments!

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I consider this an apostolate rather than a business. My main purpose is to create beautiful paraments that will be put to good use for the glory of God.

Therefore, I am willing to make altar paraments for the price of the materials and shipping, while charging only a small amount for my labor.  I am willing to work with parishes who have interest and desire for appropriate paraments, but lack financial resources.

That said, the cost of these paraments depends upon a number of factors:
  • The type of fabric desired
  • Which paraments are desired
  • The size of the altar, tabernacle, etc.
  • Shipping costs
As a rule of thumb, assume that a full set including 4 antependia, 4 tabernacle veils, and one set of altar linens would cost about $1400.  One individual antependium would probably cost about $150-200 depending on the length of the altar. One individual tabernacle veil would probably cost about $75, depending on the size. 

LinensIdeally, the altar is covered by 2 cloths that are the same size as the mensa (top of the altar), and one long cloth that extends from the floor on one side of the altar, up and over the mensa, and then down to the floor on the other side (lengthwise). The credence table is also ideally covered with linen cloth extending to the floor on all sides. See the "Altar Linens" page for more details. A set of linens for the main altar will generally cost about $300 (depending on the size); credence table linens would be $75, depending on the size of the table.

Mounting cover: the altar must be covered with something to which the antependia can be attached. This can be "improvised" by the parish if desired. I create a mounting cover using sailcloth, as the fabric must be fairly sturdy. I fit the corners in order to keep the cover firmly in place. Here is an example, although I think it is better if the cover hangs all the way to floor at least at the back side:

The antependium is attached with straight pins to this cover,
and the linens lay over the top of it.
The cost of a mounting cover would generally be $30, depending on the size of the altar.

I do make allowances for very low-income parishes, but I believe my prices are very reasonable.

Email me if you have questions, or if you would like an estimate:

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