Paraments for the Sanctuary

Does the sanctuary in your parish church look like a throwback to the '70's - as if someone's great-grandma decorated it?

That altar, tabernacle, credence table, and ambo can be given a classic Catholic look with a minimum of expense.

This blog highlights some of the antependia and tabernacle veils I have created, and may give you some ideas for restoring the Catholicity of your own parish's sanctuary.

I'm available to help you create your sanctuary paraments!

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Other Products


I had a request for maniples, and this is what I created (each is lined with a satin fabric of matching color):

Funeral Pall:

I have only made one funeral pall, and it was a big project. This one is made of black damask with a black satin lining. 

I attempted to capture the black satin lining here;
it really does have quite a luxurious feel and weight to it.
Dossal Curtains:

A dossal curtain may be used behind an altar that does not have a reredos. Historically, it was a long embroidered hanging which matched the altar antependium in color and style.

Here are some examples from a small private chapel:

In the above project, the curtain was threaded onto a wooden rod which was then mounted on brackets on the wall. There was also a wooden rod at the bottom of the curtain to provide weight that would make the curtain hang properly.

Altar Dust Cover:

I had a request for a dust cover for an altar at St. Patrick Seminary; here's the result:


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